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Growing complexity and escalating deadlines in the construction industry are driving the need for innovative solutions. Yet traditional planning and monitoring tools remain largely unchanged, making communication difficult due to their lack of clarity. dProB addresses this problem head-on: Using the latest gaming technology and realistic process simulation, we achieve a revolutionary level of transparency. This takes efficiency and accuracy to a whole new level.

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Our product range includes the robust planning software dProB and the versatile WebViewer.

Dekstop Monitor mit der Software dProB


A high-performance planning environment tailor-made for PC. dProB provides a professional tool for creating detailed plans, making real-time adjustments, and streamlining your projects. Our robust sandbox enables the seamless execution of even the most complex plans.


This adaptable tool lets you effortlessly view and review simulations and models. Quick and accessible from anywhere, it supports all platforms, including smartphones, keeping your visualizations readily available, thus enhancing understanding and communication with teams or clients.

Mockups eines Tablets, welches die Software dProB zeigt.Mockups eines Smartphones, welches die Software dProB zeigt.


Your project in our digital sandbox

The sandbox principle in dProB unlocks limitless possibilities for your project planning. All information stored in your BIM model serves as the foundation for your work in dProB, whether it's infrastructure, high-rise, or structural engineering. dProB is a digital sandbox that enables you to safely plan diverse construction projects. It allows you to simulate any concept, from pragmatic to extraordinary, and explore various scenarios with minimal effort. With dProB, you can find the ideal virtual plan for real-world challenges, safeguarding actual construction site processes.

Courtyard development BOSCH DD,
WOLFF & MÜLLER Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Noise barrier,
Blocking break validation ABS38 - Locking break validation,
Deutsche Bahn


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Customer reviews

Hubert Rhomberg
Gaming meets construction. The software dProB has succeeded in bringing our experts' knowledge of construction processes to life in a playful and virtual way. A disruptive approach with the potential to simplify multiple processes.
Hubert Rhomberg
CEO & Co-Owner of Rhomberg Group & Founder of CREE
Marc Dittmann
dProB enables our customers to reduce the disruption caused by construction sites and to simulate construction processes in detail.
Marc Dittmann
Construction capacity management, construction supervision and inspector, I.NIG 4, DB InfraGO AG
Hans-Jörg Niemeck
Within the framework of the DB Mindbox, we have applied the software dProB in various projects and project phases through a successful 100-day POC (Proof of Concept) and follow-up program. For the validation and optimization of closure periods, construction scheduling, site setup, and logistics planning, among many other aspects, we see this as a consistent next step on the path to digitalizing our planning processes into construction execution.
Hans-Jörg Niemeck
Head of Corporate Development, INROS LACKNER SE
Ralf Sommer
Virtual construction process planning is the missing key for implementing a complete digital workflow within the company. The gaming industry excels at intuitively planning virtual sequences in changing environments and making them understandable for everyone through visualization.
Ralf Sommer
Project Manager BIM Implementation, Rhomberg Bahntechnik GmbH
Andreas Kische – BIM-Manager, BIM Experte, DB Netz AG
Whether it's to design construction logistics or to verify closure periods for bridge insertions. With dProB from BII, any construction process can be developed to the desired level of detail. For me, it's a tool to both store knowledge and sensibly verify planning processes before execution.
Andreas Kische
BIM-Manager, BIM Expert, DB InfraGO AG
So far, the focus of BIM topics has been on the initial state and the final completed state, but not on the issue of "which construction processes do we use to get from state A to state B?". dProB enables us to answer this question. We are expanding the world of static collisions between BIM models to dynamic collisions within the construction process – an interaction of construction machinery with BIM models.
Christian Frey
ABS 38 project management, DB InfraGO AG
dProb Logo
The simulation of complex worlds has already been possible in the gaming industry for some time. With dProB, the necessary tools are now also available for the construction industry. In our project, we were able to simulate and validate complex processes from construction logistics to the setup of individual objects, while making them tangible for all project participants. Through dProB, static IFC models become dynamic and a true common basis for planning.
Tobias Bolduan
Specialist BIM, DB InfraGO AG


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Are you fascinated by the world of construction? Do you have a soft spot for IT and 3D simulations? If so, then we at BII may have just the right thing for you! We are a dynamic startup that helps construction managers, planning offices and construction companies - from local heroes to giants like Deutsche Bahn - to visualize, simulate and optimize their construction processes.

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